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The Level  is the on-campus coffee shop at The King's University. We offer a vast array of delicious drinks and  frequent specials that are hand-crafted mixes of seasonal favourites and new creations. Aside from connecting with friends over a great cup of coffee or other special beverage, The Level is a popular spot for events, special speakers and more. There is always something going on in The Level.


The Level is a student-staffed and managed business that is run by TKUSA. It operates under the firm belief that fair, direct trade and environmentally friendly business practices are essential to supporting a bright future for our world.  

Menu and Specials 

Visit the LEVEL's Instagram account to see the menu and special for this month!

The level team

The LEVEL Staff
The LEVEL Team
Izzy Jones (Manager) and Suzanna Javaherdost (Assistant Manager)
The 2022/2023 LEVEL Team

Talk is Cheap program

 The Talk is Cheap program is run throughout the school year to promote building community between educators and students. The program is intended to provide an opportunity for educators to connect academically or socially with their students over a coffee.


Key elements of the program: 

  1. Only for use outside of class time

  2. Educators may not bring small classes, labs and seminars (max. 3 students per educator)

  3. May not be for used for weekly organized meetings with students.

  4. May not be used for athletics or other extra curricular program purposes. 

Faculty and sessional instructors can utilize the tab set up at the Level to invite students for a coffee. 


As the program is 100% funding by TKUSA, the tab is limited and used until supplies last. 

Book the Level:

Please contact Conference Services Manager, Lynda Koot


Each year, TKUSA offers valuable work experiences for students here at King's. Our TKUSA staff includes two part-time students in the roles of Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator. Additionally, we apply each summer for the Canada Summer Jobs grant to support a student worker to help us prepare for the Fall. 

The Level is managed and operated solely by students here at King's. We hire a manager, assistant manager and up to six baristas each year to operate our coffeehouse. 

Hiring typically takes place in January/February of the next academic year. Check here for any employment opportunities. 

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