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- Representing and supporting our students -

Your VP External has been invited to join the Centre for Excellence (CES) Building Committee and provide student input on the plans for the new building. She  is looking for student input on the recent space assessment before the team meets again in early September. If you are interested in sharing your thoughts, please review the linked document and email your VP External, Magdalena Beukes. 

Current Advocacy work


The King's University Students' Association is your representative internally at various institutional levels and externally at various political levels. 


 in order to advocate for students and ensure their voice is heard and opinions made known. Our VP Internal and VP External are always looking for feedback and input from students to represent their needs and concerns at key committees within the institution and externally to the city, province and federal government. 

Have an opinioN?

We are looking to develop a student focus group that our Executive Board can connect with throughout the year to hear feedback and input on issues related to being a student at King's and in Alberta in general. If you have passion for student advocacy and want to share your ideas and thoughts, join our student focus group! 

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