Meet the 2020/2021 TKUSA Executive Board

My name is Adrian Bajaro. I'm a third year Bachelor of Arts History Major. History has always been my passion and I love learning about the things we've done in the past and learning from them, along with making sure that those who lived before us are not forgotten.

My favourite LEVEL drink is an iced matcha, otherwise referred to as "swamp juice.

I'm most excited for about working with this year's executive team is learning about every member's different styles of management and leadership, and then figuring out how to best make them accommodate each other in order to make the SA as efficient and cooperative of a team as possible.

My main goal for this year is to increase student interaction with the SA and to make sure that our fellow students are more updated and more involved with the many initiatives
that we'll do in the next school year. We'll be stepping up our social media and emailing presence in order to do this!

Adrian Bajaro

My name is Shaylyn Wagenaar and I am going into my third year as an English major, with a minor in communication arts. I chose this program because it was a great option for a base degree that allowed me to explore my love for writing and opened the opportunity for me to potentially move into graduate studies in Journalism. 

My favourite LEVEL drink is either a caramel iced latte, for the warmer days. Or a chai latte for the  colder and long days of studying. 

I am looking forward to moving TKUSA forward with this year's Executive Board! I've been with the SA since 2018, so I'm interested in seeing how this team adapts and strengthens the SA! We're a very dynamic and energetic team and I'm looking forward to see how we utilize our multitude of strengths to develop a great school year!

One goal I have for this year is to continue to develop a great relationship with our institution and our student life department! 

Shaylyn Wagenaar
VP Internal
Jonas Bystrom
VP External

I’m Jonas Bystrom. I am a 4th year Politics, History, and Economics major. I love the PHE program at King’s and I choose it because by combining these three heavily interconnected topics, it provides students with a strong foundation upon which they can come to understand the issues facing society today and how we may overcome them in the future.
My favourite LEVEL drink is either a London fog or a chai latte.
I’ve worked in the SA since 2017 and the 2020/21 SA team is quite possibly the most dynamic and motivated one I’ve seen yet, so I’m excited to be part of a team that is driven to make positive change to ensure the SA is an effective force for the interests
of students.
My main effort this year is to improve advocacy and awareness of two issues in particular. Firstly, I will be advocating for the use of OERs in place of traditional textbooks. This will save students from increasing textbook expenses, making education more affordable and accessible. The other issue I will be tackling is post-secondary residence policies, as current policies permit excessive discretion and do not sufficiently protect students’ personal privacy and property.

My name is Ethan Soltys. Umm technically I am a… 3rd year at King’s, but 1.25 academically. I am doing a four-year degree in six years. I am currently a Bachelor of Commerce student with a double minor in History and Philosophy (for now).

My favourite LEVEL drink is... All of them! But my go-to is either a Pumpkin Pie Latte (it doesn’t have to be October/November to get this) or a White Mocha with a double shot of espresso and a double pump of caramel and of course you need whip cream on both drinks.

What I am most excited about for working with this year's team is getting The King’s University Students’ Association open for business!

My goal is to make this year’s Students’ Association be the most fiscally responsible and transparent team King’s has ever seen.

Ethan Soltys
VP Finance and Operations

I’m Amanda Koot. I’m going into my 2nd year as an ENVS major with a concentration in Bio. I chose ENVS because I think that we have been blessed with an amazing planet and I want to find different ways in which we can protect it.

My favourite drink LEVEL drink is a chai latte.

I’m super excited to work with my awesome team of event coordinators to give students fun events that will allow everyone to build up our King’s community!

One of my main goals is to find better ways to communicate more clearly with students whether it be by using social media (Facebook & Instagram) or maintaining regular communication via email.

Amanda Koot
VP Student Services

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Michael Ferber, VP Student Life and Dean of Students, and Jonas Bystrom, TKUSA President, discuss what's happening in athletics, administration and "hot topics" at The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  

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