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- Theres so many ways to get involved and meet others! - 

Join a club

Whether it's joining a club or starting a new one - being part of a student club is a great way to get involved on campus. TKUSA supports a wide variety of clubs, so whether it's making new friends or giving back to the community - we are bound to have something for you. There were a number of clubs operating last year. The Clubs Fair will take place on Wednesday, September 21st during the common free period. Come check it out to discover and join new clubs!

create a club

All new and returning clubs must complete a club application form. The deadline to submit your club application has now passed. Please consider joining a club that suits your interest. 


Informed COnsent and waiver of Liability

To participate in any of our clubs or student groups, students must sign an informed consent and waiver of liability and email it to 


You can list ALL CLUBS that you will be participating in on one waiver form. 

Click here for the WAIVER  


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