2021/22 Executive Election

Don't forget to vote, via your King's student email, March 29-31, 2021

If you have any questions in regard to elections, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of the candidates below or TKUSA General Manager, Natalie Wallace (Natalie.Wallace@kingsu.ca)


adrian bajaro.png

Adrian Bajaro

Candidate for the office of President

3rd year History Major, English Minor




My name’s Adrian, and I’m your current SA President. If re-elected for next year, I pledge to help guide the Student Body back to a return to community. This means equipping students, and King’s in general, with the attention, opportunities, and support they need to recover from the isolation wrought by Covid this year, and cooperating with the university to do this.

More specifically, I’ve got quite a handful of plans to get us back to community. Sadly, I can’t fit them all in here, so I’ll just list what I consider to be the three most notable. Firstly, I want to allow alcohol into some SA events and activities. This requires sincere and mature regulation, but would undoubtedly be helpful in encouraging socialization on campus. Secondly, I want the SA to start offering student awards and bursaries. This is partly as a way of providing financial relief to students who need it, partly because this is something students have been asking for, and partly because it lets the SA reward those who strengthen the community. Thirdly, I want to oversee the creation of a General Council that will help increase the SA’s outreach and efficiency among the student fellowship. I’ve been working on this all year, and I want to be able to finally implement it next September.

Trust me, there’s so many more fun goals I’m leaving out, so if you’re interested in reading my entire platform, here’s a link: http://bit.ly/30QixVk

shaylyn wagenaar.png

Shaylyn Wagenaar

Candidate for the office of  Vice President Internal

3rd year English Major, Communications Minor


Student government is an advocating body that speaks on behalf of the student fellowship and is an organization that is for students, by students. As with any student government, this allows Executives to better relate to the demands and responsibilities of university students. This enables student governments to build better connections and bigger relationships with the student body they speak on behalf of, giving voice to real concerns. Ultimately, student governments are inclusive of the students they engage with, allowing students to have a say in the ultimatum of their university careers. If elected as Vice-President Internal, I hope to utilize my three years of experience as a TKUSA Executive to bring forward student's voices and demonstrate the passion I have for change and social justice. I will advocate for student concerns, addressing and advocating for student raised issues with financial aid applications, the development of study spaces on campus, creating events with served alcohol and events that contribute to TKUSA tradition, and the creation and perpetuation of safe and welcoming spaces for all students. In order to do this, I promise to do my best to be held responsible and accountable to the students, ensuring that my actions reflect the voice of the students. And as the current King’s University Students’ Association operates in response to their responsibility and accountability to the student body, I believe bringing in more student awareness is a huge factor in the success of the Association. I would like to resolve this by ensuring students are involved in the General Council, the creation of internal and external advocacy documents, and the proposition of new events. I hope to make this all happen and demonstrate to students how much student government can change the way they engage with their institution, their fellow students, and the community outside of the university.

jasper jordan.png

Jasper Jordan

Candidate for the office of  Vice President External

2nd year Psychology Major


Awareness. Advocacy. Inclusivity.

I intend to address the lack of student engagement and interaction in the association's advocacy work. By informing the students of the opportunities that we have to share the concerns of the student body at various levels of government. I want to take an active role in advocating for the needs of our students alongside other students and their associations from across the province. I will provide students with opportunities to voice their concerns and needs, and inform them about the outcomes of the various conferences and meetings that I attend on their behalf.

I believe that students have a right to know what the SA and our partner organizations are up to and I plan to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to better understand the work that we do for them.


Amanda Koot

Candidate for the office of Vice President Student Services

2nd year Environmental Studies Major, Biology Concentration


I believe that all students at The King’s University deserve to be well informed about all actions of their student government. Their best interest should be at the forefront of our minds in all matters relating to both internal and external advocacy, club affairs, campus-wide events, health care coverage, and more. In addition, this should be clearly and accurately communicated to them in a timely manner. I promise to collaborate with TKUSA executives, staff, directors, and more in order to deliver our students optimal support and the best services that we can provide.


I want to be your VP Student Services so that I can help to foster a sense of community as we recover from the whirlwind of a year that we’ve had. I believe that all students have the right to feel like they belong wherever they go, but especially here at King’s. Working alongside my executive team members, and the other directors and staff with TKUSA, I will work to make King’s a place, not only where all can belong, but where we can feel belonging together. In addition, students have the right to know what TKUSA is up to, and have a say in what we are doing! Students invest in TKUSA so that their voice can be amplified and they deserve to know what change is being affected.


Community and inclusivity, as well as communication and clarity, are my priorities now and will continue to be next year.